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I am a seasoned creative with bounce.

Recoiling from the global economic downturn and a sluggish creative environment? The successful future of your enterprise depends on hiring someone with a strong track record...

A design leader who has sophisticated vision resulting from a broad range of business and consumer projects.

An Art Director who brings the
same sense of clarity and pizazz
to everything he creates, from interactive and brand identity to photographic & illustrative jobs.

That's ME



Mobile applications are big business!

I've been in the trenches at one of Austin's premiere iPhone, iPad, and Android app development and design studios and I can confirm that the app world is both the New Frontier and the Wild Wild West. This brazen new mobile landscape is filled with road-bumps and many "prospectors" and "shady characters" running wild.

It takes a seasoned creative to separate the wheat from the chaff. Check out what I've been doing in mobile UX wireframing and mobile application design...

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