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I have a reputation! ~ Hear what people have to say about me...

"I have worked with Michael on a slew of projects and every time he comes out shining! From direct mail promotions, to websites, and even charity functions I always feel confident I can throw something his way and have it returned with an effective and appropriate solution. He has a sophisticated and savvy way of looking at things that always produces exceptional business-class results and makes me look great to the people I work for."

Amy Payton
Haynes and Boone

"When you work at a smaller shop, you've got to be able to wear many hats.
I expect it of my business partner, I expect it of my employees, I expect it of myself.
Michael is one of those oh-so-rare designers that can wear many hats. He has an uncanny
ability to produce compelling and impressive creative while keenly understanding often complex logistical and financial constrictions. In other words, he comes up with great stuff on time,
on budget and on message. Many is the time he's come shining through for us in a crunch.

Oh, and did I mention he cracks us up?
That should never be underestimated."

John Stewart
Haehnel Stewart Advertising

"Michael is that rare kind of creative who can handle large amounts of complex, bone-dry information and turn it into something exciting and marketable. He was able to design a way to communicate the value of our product that was original, witty, and fun, while also being practical and scalable for future efforts. Michael is whip smart and a delight to work with. We'd definitely use him again."

Andrew Yongi Trent
Journyx Software

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