1405 westmoorcustom built house plans

300-400k – Plans are underway!

Spek is looking for a special home-buyer who wants the third of 4 custom designed properties on one street. Each are unique works of art and this one is no exception. Do you have what it takes to be our first custom client?

We are looking for that special person or couple who wants to get their grubby paws all over our design process and have a hand in our next custom built home.

1700 sq feet 10 minutes to downtown!

3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Separate office/bedroom cabana with bath

Faboo master suite with two person soaking tub

Theatre style kitchen

Outdoor dining courtyard

Rainwater/graywater collection and xeriscaping

Expansive modern glass

A private walled enclave of peace and serenity

High-efficiency everything

Pick out your own shiznit or trust us to "get" you!

If you think you have
what it takes - email us!





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